The Dutchess and the Duke

Saturday, January 26

The Dutchess and the Duke, the latest Seattle male/female duo to sign to Sub Pop imprint Hardly Art, have become one of my favorite new bands in Seattle, and I regret sleeping on them for so long. With tambourines, acoustic guitars, recorders(?), and dueling male/female harmonies, their music frolics with mid-’60s folk, though songs like “Reservoir Park,” off their latest 7-inch single, layers on some slightly psychedelic guitar work à la Brian Jones, and steady hand clapping give the songs a little muscle, though they’re already catchy enough to be permanently affixed on the listener’s mind. OK, so I haven’t seen the band live (regret No. 2). But I can’t expect anything short of a rousing good time, especially now that Ruben Mendez of Coconut Coolouts is involved with the band. Bow down! With T.V. Coahran. TRAVIS RITTER

Listen to a sample of The Dutchess and the Duke's "The Prisoner."

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Sat., Jan. 26, 8 p.m., 2008

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