206 Stand up II

Saturday, February 2

Solid local hip-hop bills dominate the clubs calendars around town week after week, and this one is no exception. Tonight’s round two of 206 Stand Up sees the three Renton-based hard hustlers of Dyme Def headlining, along with Seattle MC Scribes, Knowmads, GMK, Soltice, PhilHarmomic, and live dance performances, all held down by the evening’s host, Khingz of Abyssinian Creole. 206 Stand Up, indeed. These kids are up, out of their seats, and causing a ruckus—with no sign of settling down anytime soon. AJA PECKNOLD

Listen to a sample of Dyme Def's "Follow the Leaders."

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Sat., Feb. 2, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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