Black Mountain + Howlin’ Rain

Thursday, January 31

We asked Whalebones frontman and stoner-rock player/listener/lover Justin Deary to chime in on his pals Black Mountain and Howlin’ Rain. Here’s where he took it:

If you look to rock ’n’ roll to keep your spirit wild, young, and free—to keep your thirst for love on fire, to keep your heart and legs strong to kick against authority—look no further for the truth. Black Mountain are here. They will lead you to the glowing, healing lake where you will wade in and feel your burdens lifted. They will leave you in the middle of the wilderness alone and connected to the spirit of the earth. They’ve led you through the halls of hell. You can swim underwater forever with your eyes open. See it all float by. If only for a moment, in this twisted nonstop world, get fucking lost. Ride the epic rainbow. Raise a glass and thank them from afar. There is no substitute for these sounds. There is no other band with this power. You’ve got the time. Lay your troubles down. Don’t look behind you. You are safe and free. There is no better time in your life for a Black Mountain show. Howlin’ Rain are another chapter in the definitive ledger of modern rock masters. Go to their MySpace page and listen to “Dancers at the End of Time.” Ethan Miller and his band of Bay Area rad dudes shred house-rockin’ rhythm and blues to lose your mind to and find it again. Transcendence is the key in which these songs are written. Two questions: Do you believe? Which side are you on? With Yeasayer and MGMT. JUSTIN DEARY

Thu., Jan. 31, 8 p.m., 2008

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