Fear and Hoodies in Magnolia

A rash of robberies has the comfortable community on edge.

Last week, the P-I reported that there were 23 burglaries over four months in Magnolia, a pretty routine average of just more than one a week. But the well-heeled community is nonetheless nervous—and watching. According to a neighborhood Web site, sleeplessinmagnolia.ning.com, beware of Magnolia if you are a thief—or even if you're just soliciting for environmental causes, especially on American Idol night. A few excerpts (all sic) from Magnolia's mean streets: • On 1/22, 8:30pm, we had a young white male with a green hooded sweatshirt knock on our door and ask if we would like to sign up for evironmental action support. He walks with a noticeable limp. It seemed really suspicious...I reported this to 911.... • I saw the same guy around 8:15 yesterday (1/22) on 24th as I was coming home. He was walking away from the neighbor's house after she told him to go away. He didn't come over to us, though I called 911 to report his description and location, and then promptly set my alarm as well. • We had a young black female come to our house tonight at 8:30 asking us to sign up for some enviromental support group too! I thought it was an odd time to be ringing door bells and we were in the middle of eating pizza and watching American Idol, so I said "no thank you" and shut the door quickly. My 10 year old proceeded to turn on our alarm immediately! • Last night 1/22/08 around 8:15 pm someone knocked on our door while we were watching American Idol. We weren't expecting anyone and didn't want to be disturbed so we didn't answer and they went away. I thought it was odd to have someone knock on our door at night time. I did not see the person. Today I get to work and my co-worker tells me about all the breakins in Magnolia....What do you think they are jotting down after the rest of you have opened up the door? Clues on how to break in? • This is precisely why we all need to vote Republican. We need to be able to defend ourselves. The barbarians are at the gates people.

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