Le Shat Noir

Wednesday, February 6

Cancer, hemorrhoids, bleeding ulcers, gastritis, tears in the esophagus from violent vomiting, foods like black licorice and blueberries, iron supplements, lead exposure, Pepto-Bismol, and anal sex can all be causes of black stool. Sometimes referred to as starting a Hershey windstorm, logging into the toilet and making a huge download, negotiating the release of the chocolate hostages, sending the big brown boat down the porcelain river, having an out-of-ass experience, or taking a ‘Pohemian Crapsody,’ these dark doodies derive their appearance from blood in contact with the body’s digestive juices. Yet from the most uncomfortable, cringe-worthy of life’s experiences can come something beautiful, so say Seattle’s own Le Shat Noir. The band who declare themselves “longtime underground purveyors of the shitcore genre” make far from shitty post-punk, styled up with a little Devo-ness and a whole lot of “scattitude.” With Terrible Twos, Coconut Coolouts, Red Herring. MA’CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR

Wed., Feb. 6, 9:30 p.m., 2008

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