Matt Costa

Friday, February 8

What is it about skaters, surfers, and songwriters that makes those with the double X chromosomes swoon? Kelly Slater might be able to offer some insight. Or you could ask the droves of tween girls who packed the Crocodile to capacity the last time SoCal crooner Matt Costa came through town. He’s got nearly all of those boxes checked as a former almost-pro skater who suffered a career-halting leg break when he was 18, causing him to narrow his focus on music. Fate has served him well in the short time since: He piqued the interest of surfer braugh Jack Johnson, who snagged him for his own Brushfire Records. Along with that has come a built-in following of fans who drown the lanky, reluctant heartthrob’s sets in a sea of squeals. But, if you look past it (as anyone who’s ignored the meatheads at any given Modest Mouse show during the past few years knows is tough, but possible), Costa puts on a show replete with solid, lighthearted pop gems. On his latest, Unfamiliar Faces, he delivers tracks like the bouncy single “Mr. Pitiful” with earnest and undeniable (no matter how hard you try) likability, in a candy-coated and sun-soaked Mason Jennings kind of way. With Delta Spirit. El Corazon, 109 Eastlake Ave. E., 381-3094. 8 p.m. $14 adv./$16. All ages. AJA PECKNOLD

Fri., Feb. 8, 8 p.m., 2008

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