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Pop pranksters from around the globe, at BLVD

Globalism has its well-publicized dark side, which no one illustrates better than anti-

corporate activist pranksters the Yes Men, who infiltrate boardrooms across the globe, drawing attention to the issues with antics like masquerading as McDonald’s representatives and unveiling their “plan” for eliminating Third World starvation by implementing a human-waste recycling plan into McDonald’s outlets located in poverty-stricken areas (essentially suggesting that the poor should eat their own poop to survive). The Yes Men won’t be at BLVD gallery’s latest opening, “Trade Bloc,” but their spirit will: The group show of global ambitions explores the more colorful side effects of a world market—with nine pop artists representing seven countries. Born from ongoing discussions of a shrinking world’s influence on art, this crew’s selections afford a chance to scope a varied cross section of current cultural works, and draw conclusions of your own. Show continues through March 8.

Feb. 8-March 8, 2008

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