Foxy Shazam

Saturday, February 16

Foxy Shazam’s shtick is brutal and simple. The quintet is the Frankenstein-like offspring of Andrew W.K., the Locust, My Chemical Romance, and the Darkness. We’re talking thrashy glamcore, buzzing with synth freakery and arena-rock histrionics. It’s manic and suffocating—just check out the group’s “A Dangerous Man” video on YouTube: Eric Sean Nally wails like an institutionalized opera star while his band unleashes a litany of zany antics à la Faith No More. Sure, there’s too much ska in the mix. Plus, DragonForce have raised the bar on all this tongue-in-cheek anthem rock to a ridiculously high level. Nevertheless, Foxy Shazam will have you naked and dry humping a life-sized poster of Jack Black in no time. With Karate High School, Peachcake, Man Without Wax, and the Formal. JUSTIN FARRAR

Listen to a sample of Foxy Shazam's "Red Cape Driver."

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Sat., Feb. 16, 5 p.m., 2008

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