Los Amigos Invisibles

Wednesday, February 13

Tired of all the rock and “dark” music in Caracas in the early ’90s, six friends formed this Venezuelan dance band to show their friends that dance music was not just salsa and merengue. Since then, they’ve shown the world many times over that party music can be a joyful mash-up of influences, in the same way that Stereolab makes Krautrock feel new and Fantastic Plastic Machine meshes bossa nova, house, and ’60s-movie soundtracks. As those bands still feel distinctly French and Japanese, Los Amigos’ funky acid jazz is Latin pop at heart—created with a lot of it. Still touring for their latest release, 2005’s Super Pop Venezuela, they’re joined by Sly Lothario and DJ Darek Mazzone tonight. RACHEL SHIMP

Wed., Feb. 13, 8 p.m., 2008

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