Ten Questions Before You Participate in Bunny Rescue Month

You won't all be ready to take one home.

The Seattle Animal Shelter has declared February to be "Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month." There are 60 of the furry little creatures ready to take home, but first, SAS wants you to consider some important questions, like, "Am I ready to make a long-term commitment of owning a rabbit for up to 10 years?" We'll add some other considerations to that list, such as: •Did you know that rabbits make excellent guard animals? •Did you read in history books how the Egyptians harnessed teams of rabbits to haul the stones used in the making of the pyramids? •Are you prepared to care for a pet that is, pound for pound, stronger than a wolverine or an ant? •Did you know that rabbits can, with the proper care and feeding, replace the V8 engine in your SUV? (Plus, they're 100 percent organic and certifiably greener than a hybrid.) •Were you aware that the ancient Romans once fed Christians to rabbits in the Coliseum? •Have you seen how jewelers cut diamonds? That's right: rabbit teeth. •Are you familiar with how explorer Roald Amundsen hitched rabbits to his sled in order to reach the South Pole? •True or False: Rabbits caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? (Answer: True.) •Chuck Norris only deems one animal tough enough to be his pet. What is that animal? The rabbit.

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