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TRON: More than a perfect nickname for a wooden Veep

While it’s common knowledge that a mediocre earthbound movie is better than the best sci-fi movie [We beg to differ—Eds.], the opportunity to see TRON at Cinerama after a half-dozen bong rips is sure to challenge this notion. A 1982 CGI pioneer, TRON actually turns the earthbound/sci-fi inferiority theory on its head. The movie’s cheesy first half-hour is set in “the real world,” where Jeff Bridges dazzles/creeps out high-school chicks as an underachieving video arcade owner, and the aesthetic perfection that is Cindy Morgan—best known for her smoldering turn as Lacey Underall in Caddyshack—is hidden in gigantic glasses and Mrs. Frumpalufagus blouses. But once inside an evil video-game hard drive, Bridges transforms into a Han Solo–esque stud, while Morgan gets to wear a form-fitting compunitard while losing the specs. Here also, the plot finds its footing, and the retro graphics, surprisingly, still look cool 25 years after the Oscar-nominated film’s theatrical release. They’ll look even cooler if you’re stoned. (Also screens Feb. 26, March 2, and March 4 as part of Cinerama’s 70MM film series.)

Sun., Feb. 24, 8 p.m., 2008

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