Wednesday, February 20

Sadly, mash-ups have grown as tired, worn-out, and thin as the inner thighs of a chubby girl's corduroys. That being said, when you happen across one that is clever and well executed, it reminds you that before it made its way into the vernacular of middle-aged housewives (somewhere around 2004?) a stellar mash indicated one was a superiorly

skilled DJ. Hearing DJ JD Samson's drenched-in-cool mix-up of a dirty southern ditty about strippers, panty lines, and ball sweat with one of the most sweetly perky tunes ever set to record will relight your mash-up fire. What else would you expect of Men, a DJ collaboration between two thirds of Le Tigre? Samson and Johanna Fateman will be

tag-teaming the turntables and taking requests via MySpace ( for tonight's show kicking off their

spring tour, which includes five freakin' nights at SXSW. With Hey Willpower and DJs Mathematix and L.A. Kendall. MA'CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR

Wed., Feb. 20, 9 p.m., 2008

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