Friday, February 22

Seattle Weekly has spilled way more than our share of ink lavishing

praise on Tel Aviv–based garage punks Monotonix, urging anyone with

two ears and a pulse to catch them live, reviewing their shows and

post-show parties, and generally spazzing out about how amazing and

truly kinetic they are onstage ("stage" being a very loose term,

considering their tendency to exploit every square inch of a venue).

Well, why stop now? If you only go to one bar show all year, this

really should be it. The boys are rolling through Seattle with new

drummer Haggai Fershtman in support of their forthcoming Drag City

debut, Body Language. Really, the only legitimate concern I have about

this show is that Monotonix probably should be playing a venue larger

than the Comet this time around; selling out early is a given. With

the Valley and Black Eyes & Neckties. HANNAH LEVIN

Listen to a sample of Monotonix's "Summers and Autumns."

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Fri., Feb. 22, 9 p.m., 2008

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