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Break out your era-appropriate spandex, flannel, or studded leather jacket, and call up your friends—you’re getting the band back together. The Pacific Science Center’s Science with a Twist series is hosting On Tour with U2. The evening will feature a Rock Band® battle of the bands (be honest, you’ve been practicing) and an open bar for liquid courage as you mangle “Welcome to the Jungle.” The proceedings will be emceed by a Bono impersonator. If the competition doesn’t push you over the Edge, the evening will be capped off by an IMAX showing of U23D, a U2 concert shot in South America in “digital 3D” (a technology apparently lightyears beyond the blue and red glasses of yesteryear), so that the close-up of Bono will translate literally to his floating 40-foot disembodied head belting “Beautiful Day.” Worth the price of admission. The Center holds 21-and-over parties every third Thursday (last month’s “Sultry Science” included a “lipologist” and a KISS laser show). Beers, St. Michele wines, and fun cocktails (memorables include “the Antidote” from the “I Am Legend” theme month) make it a very Seattle experience, and after a few of each nothing beats sitting with a great mixed after-work-and-away-from-the-kids crowd and enjoying the swirling sensory sweep that is the IMAX. Pacific Science Center, Seattle Center, $17-$20. 7-10 p.m. JACOB CASEY

Thu., Feb. 21, 7 p.m., 2008

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