The Hands (CD release)

Had Mick Jagger grown up in Seattle in the '90s instead of Great

Britain in the '50s, the Hands is the band he would have fronted. (Had

he grown up in North Carolina in the '90s, he'd have fronted Roman

Candle.) In fact, when listening to the Hands' self-titled full-length

debut, the follow-up to last year's EP, So Sweet, I'm not sure this

isn't his side project. I'm also not sure there's a higher compliment

I can pay this Olympia-birthed quintet. In a modern music landscape

with more subgenres and sub-subgenres than there are salmon in the

Chinook, simply identifying the Hands as "hard rock" will do just

fine. Bonus points for the fact that two of the members once played in

a band called Cougar Fucking Mountain. Pure fucking genius. With the

Whore Moans and Earaches. Neumo's, 925 E. Pike St., 709-9467. 9 p.m.

$8 adv.

Listen to a sample of The Hands' "Lies Lies Lies."

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Fri., Feb. 29, 9 p.m., 2008

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