"Great Sex," But No Clitoris?

A SELECTION FROM THE STORY COMMENTS ONLINE: Re: "I Hate You, Visual Art" by David Stoesz (Feb. 20) Oh why, oh why did you stop so soon!?! I wanted to hear more about what you hate...and could you be a little more specific? More, please. You went all soft at the end, just when I was really enjoying it.—Rachel Maxi Eh, maybe I don't agree with all of it, but thanks for stirring it up. At least you're all-inclusive with your love/hate or whatever it is. And you used your real name.—d adams Here's what I like about Fay Jones' art: The paintings tell stories. The stories are subtle, and you have to take the time to figure out what they mean to you. And I like tea and yoga, too—both of which also yield complex as well as simple pleasures.—Julie Paschkis What? No rant against Chihuly? For all the activism in the NW, a lot of the art that comes out of Seattle is surprisingly benign and craft-based. There's good stuff going on, just don't expect to see it in the galleries.—Franklin Jones You are a pussy for pulling your punches at the end.—Kevin C. McCarthy Re: "Clitoriphobia" by Mike Seely (Feb. 20) Refusing an ad is NOT censorship. As a business, not unlike any other establishment you might frequent, they have the right to refuse service to anyone. That includes selling ad space. If they don't feel it's appropriate for their readers, and are willing to take the loss of profit on the ad, that's their choice.—Dan Fisher I think the artwork is far less distasteful than The Seattle Times' hypocrisy. The paper that found THIS ad offensive runs ads offering GREAT SEX for some sex therapy place; runs ads for Viagra, Cialis, and other "Erection Enhancement" potions, including disclaimers about four-hour-long erections and the like; runs ads for bras of all kinds, including full-page Victoria's Secret ads; and so on. Apparently the Boston Clinic ads screaming GREAT SEX TONIGHT with a juicy photo of a couple looking lustful are OK, but a Vagina is not allowed to have a monologue. I guess one is independent of the other. At least it seems to be in the mind of Seattle Times ad management.—G.L. Coe Why wait to calm down and get your facts straight? Our Web site's new functionality lets you comment on all SW stories immediately! You can also still send letters to letters@seattleweekly.com.

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