Atlas Sound

Thursday, March 6

Regardless of whatever Pitchfork, Stereogum or Idolator has said about

the pasty, toothpick-thin Bradford Cox and the

curious/gross/odd/random details of his life he shared on his blog,

musically, the dude has made some pretty wise and genius choices, both

with his band Deerhunter and his solo project Atlas Sound. Cox's gazy

vocals and drenching guitar parts were one of the highlights of

Deerhunter's overall sound, and we paid attention. As Atlas Sound,

free of bandmates' ego-blowing opinions and restrained ideas, Cox has

been able to strip away the heavy off his back, and settle into a more

ambient place, where time and space are equally as important as the

surface texture and viscosity of the songs themselves. On Atlas

Sound's sensory-induced debut full-length, Let The Let the Blind Lead

Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel, you'll unexpectedly be swept under

it's calming kinetic waves, yet you'll want nothing more than to just

bathe in it under it's blissful, radiant sky. Listen up, close your

eyes, open your mouth, and just take it all in! With White Rainbow,

Valet, and Dormant. TRAVIS RITTER

Thu., March 6, 8 p.m., 2008

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