Cabinet of Found Curiosities

A collection of curious sounds

Consider this March madness for Hollow Earth Radio. In their first 15 months in existence, they’ve accomplished quite a bit: its listenership has broadened exponentially, and it has achieved nonprofit status. But if you listen to the station enough, you probably know it’s been about more than music. Founders Garrett Kelly and Amber Kai Morgan are also big collectors of found art, which is why on their station you’ll also hear old voice-mail messages, people recounting their dreams, and even impromptu infomercials about using kitchen appliances. Tonight’s celebration (part of their month-long Magma Fest) is an extension of this affinity for all-things-found. Windows Art Gallery (aka Dearborn Gallery) will be hosting a Morgan-and-Kelly-curated exhibit entitled “Cabinet of Found Curiosities.” Here you can observe found art and music from local and nationally recognized collectors, including Jacob Smigel, Friends and Relatives Records, Sweet Thunder Tapes, and of course FOUND Magazine. This event will also mark the CD release of Analog America, the first in a series of found-sound albums assembled by Kelly and Morgan for the noise/order label. Windows Art Gallery, 4129 Woodland Park Ave. N., 6 p.m. BRIAN J. BARR

Fri., March 7, 6 p.m., 2008

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