Say That You Love Me

Art that finally sees the light of a gallery

Getting dumped sucks. And while most people get used to it and accept it as a natural process, some people deliberately set themselves up for it on a continual basis. No, not boozers-and-floozers, I’m talking about artists. Rejection has to happen in order for you to grow, but sometimes it’s hard not to wonder why it’s gotta happen over and over and over again. This month’s group show focuses on embracing that “inevitable experience” by featuring work from more than a dozen artists—along with the rejection letters these works previously received. This salon-style show (meaning the works crowd each other and hang every which way) ranges from amateur to professional works, and is meant to illustrate “the subjectivity of ‘taste’ and the superficiality of trends in art.” Whether unusual or merely obtuse, the works have meaning for their makers and (finally) for the curators of this show, Bogdan Mohora and Chris Crites. Could it be that any of Crites’ own supercool bag paintings have ever been rejected from a gallery? See what has been, and what you think. Show ends March 31. RACHEL SHIMP

Mon., March 10, 2008

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