Do You Make More Than a WSF Ticket Seller?

Many teachers with master’s degrees don't.

Ever wonder what the folks who man the rickety old boats for the Washington state ferry system make? Ever wonder what they do? Look out below! (By contrast, a schoolteacher in Washington with a master's degree and six years' experience makes $42,000, while Washington state troopers start at $44,900.) Ordinary Seaman: $42,000 Job Description: As directed by deck officers, OSs clean and supply rest rooms, gear lockers, and passenger cabins. They solve passenger problems or refer them to a mate, maintain cleanliness on the decks, and are responsible for WSF security in accordance with WSF policies. Ticket Sellers: $45,000 Job Description: Ticket sellers are the first point of contact with customers. Their responsibilities include collecting, reconciling, and reporting revenue in accordance with rate schedules, revenue control procedures, and Office of Financial Management guidelines. Sellers issue and redeem tickets and passes, and provide customer information alerts, maps, and local community information for the route they serve. They are responsible for security in accordance with WSF policies and work closely with the Washington State Patrol. Second Mate: $63,000 Job Description: The second mate position is required on the Jumbo/Jumbo Mark II Class vessels due to their size. Under the direction of the chief mate, the second mate supervises deck crew members in vessel operation, cleaning, and maintenance. Chief Mate: $69,000 Job Description: The chief mates serve as second in command and in the event the master is incapacitated, they assume command. The chief mates supervise the deck crew, assume charge of the car deck under the master during loading and unloading, and stand watch as officer in charge on the bridge during normal operations.

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