Apostle & DJ Quest

Monday, March 17

There are a lot of emcees out there whose political activism begins and ends in front of the mic, but Apostle, whose real name is Jeff Campbell, isn't one of them. Apostle comes from Denver, where he ran his own non-profit organization, the Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition, to teach middle- and high school-age students about hip-hop. But after running the CHHC for over five years, Apostle relocated to San Francisco to be with his other group, Heavyweight Dub Champion, and to create more solo work. The fruit of his efforts, Lyrical Activism, delivers exactly what it promises, with the eloquent rage the subject matter requires. And with DJ Quest's unorthodox, heavy beats as the backdrop—many of the beats are comparable to some of Mos Def's harder, metal-tinged tracks—the Northwest should embrace this passionate emcee as a kindred spirit. With Waves of the Mind and Mind Movers. SARA BRICKNER

DJ Quest

Listen to a sample of DJ Quest's "Party Up."

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Mon., March 17, 7 p.m., 2008

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