Broken Disco XII with Boys Noize

Friday, March 14

Electro isn’t a femme fatale—when it’s bad, it’s not “better,” it’s just fucking bad. Luckily for Alexander Ridha, who’s been producing and damaging other people’s productions since 2004 as Boys Noize (also the name of his Berlin-based label), his electro is good. Which makes it “very good.” Oi Oi Oi came out last fall, which included a reworking of Feist’s “My Moon, My Man,” and other numbers he’s done a number on lately include Snoop Dogg’s newest ditty, “Sensual Seduction.” Brilliant. In electro, cheekiness is as important as actually liking your source material, and aesthetics are everything—just check out Oi’s cover art, a riff on Damien Hirst’s famous diamond-studded skull, the gaudiest and most expensive piece of art in the world. With Recess, Introcut, Brian S, Saigon, and Squid Leader. RACHEL SHIMP

Listen to a sample of Boys Noize's "And Down Remix."

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Fri., March 14, 9 p.m., 2008

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