Tuesday, March 18

It seems like a lot of metal bands take themselves way too fucking seriously these days. What happened to the days when metal was just finding its inner demon—the one that slinked and slithered on the edges of glam and art-rock, yet still induced the same sweat-soaking, fist-pumping hysteria of those who’d follow? Can we have some of that again please? Thankfully, Emeralds are classic metal in every context—slightly glam, slightly prog, completely heavy. The six-piece band from the Emerald City flex their musical muscle with balls-out guitar riffs, a rabid, microphone-waving vocalist, an interlocked, tight-as-fuck rhythm section, and a long-haired dude weaving out the melodies on a Hammond organ. Live, they’re one of the best things that could ever happen to you a Saturday night in Seattle. And I’m fucking serious. With Johnny O’Donnell & Slam, the Raggedy Anns. TRAVIS RITTER

Listen to a sample of Emeralds' "All My Love For You."

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Sat., March 15, 9 p.m., 2008

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