Saturday, March 15

Last summer's painfully under-sold Download Fest at the Gorge was worth the trip, if only because I was reminded why the Presidents of the United States of America continue to command an audience ravenous for their dune buggy-inspired melodies. The Presidents are the carnival food of your musical diet; the funnel cake and onion rings you need every season. Sure, the most optimal venue for this trio is probably that sunny August day at the Gorge. But, the Paramount will provide a nice bit of class for the band to showcase new tunes from These are the Good Times People. It's a classic PUSA record, equipped with all their pleasantries and ironic guitar riffs on tunes like “French Girl,” “Truckstop Butterfly,” and “Lady Bug” Leave your troubles at the door, embrace your inner geek, and give it 100 percent during “Naked and Famous.” 'Cause the only suckers at this this hipster-free show crossing their arms and exchanging shifty glances will be security. CHRIS KORNELIS

Sat., March 15, 8 p.m., 2008

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