The Heels

Sunday, March 16

One look at the Heels, with the hair, the fishnets, and the snarl-attitude and you've easily got their wave punk number. Their sound, best reflected in the kissably-clever track "Pink Eye" (about bootie deprivation), comes off like the Runaways covering Bonnie Hayes with the Wild Combo's “Girls Like Me”. But be warned, you may recognize "a friend" in their aggressively catchy “Party Doll”. Flooding you with hazy semi-memories of a time when the big C’s on your faux Chanel bag stood for Champagne and Cocaine. A time before you realized that the crazy-inducing combo of hard drugs and more than three cocktails will more than likely result in a montage of TMZ-worthy antics so eternally embarrassing they'd make Paris Hilton blush. The Heels capture this "collapse in judgment" with a tongue and cheek authenticity that implies they just may be speaking from experience. With the Get Off and Dead Xs. MA’CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR

Listen to a sample of The Heels' "Party Doll."

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Sun., March 16, 7 p.m., 2008

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