Travis Morrison

Monday, March 17

Ex-Dismemberment Plan member Morrison’s forthcoming album, all ya’ll, is reportedly for everyone that loved his band, his solo album travistan, and “for those who thought it was a trainwreck.” I fall into both categories: I bought, lent, lost, and re-bought the Plan’s herky-jerky, soo D.C.-danceable Emergency & I for years, and have never seen an indie rock crowd bust out Soul Train lines for any other band. Long before it was cool to admit that you liked pop, the Plan covered songs like Tweet’s “Oops! Oh My” and Aguilera’s “What a Girl Wants” at the end of every show. Then came the split, the much-lauded “Death & Dismemberment Tour” with DCFC, and that disappointing solo album. But nobody ever accused this booty-shaker of being oblivious to his allure, which makes it unlikely he’ll stop making music anytime soon. And that’s good, ya’ll—you can stream the new record in its entirety for free, and it sounds mighty promising for the dance floor. With Hellfighters and Josh Ottum. RACHEL SHIMP

Listen to a sample of Travis Morrison's "Catch Up."

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Mon., March 17, 9 p.m., 2008

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