Black Moth Super Rainbow

Saturday, March 22

The members of Black Moth Super Rainbow have made a point of shrouding

themselves in mystery. From the indecipherable vocals sung through a

vocoder to the thorough concealment of the band members' identities

(they refuse to be photographed and go by odd pseudonyms like

"Tobacco" and "Iffernaut"), the whole project is one giant enigma.

With the band's liberal use of distortion, the puppeteers who pull the

strings behind the BMSR curtain take command of the ambient mood,

creating sound amalgamations that swell into sweet, sunny crescendos

before descending into eerie, nightmarish cacophony on the next track,

or even the next measure. It's beautiful, bizarre, and not always

comprehensible—like an aural rendering of a Salvador Dalí painting.

The resplendent sounds may be too experimental for some, but those who

can get behind the madness will appreciate what is, more or less, LSD

for the eardrums. With Dengue Fever and FCS. SARA BRICKNER

Sat., March 22, 8 p.m., 2008

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