DJ Rekha

Friday, March 21

"Because I'm working with my culture, and it's being accessed or

consumed by other cultures, then I have a strong responsibility to how

that message is made," said DJ Rekha to The New York Times last year.

No images of buxom Bollywood divas on her event flyers and no pop

focus are two of the ways that's manifested in her work. It's paid

off—her 10-year-strong Basement Bhangra party in SoHo was celebrated

with the release of a long-awaited compilation last year. As trends

come and go, her night has been at the same club (S.O.B.'s) and with

the same cover charge the entire decade. Seattle's own Bhangra and

Bollywood nights, with skilled DJs and a devoted clutch of attendees,

are on their way to that same longevity, and tonight you can check out

the DJ who is surely part of the inspiration. She's the country's

best-known ambassador of the South Asian sound. RACHEL SHIMP

Fri., March 21, 9 p.m., 2008

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