Jason Collett

Friday, March 21

Broken Social Scene have turned out to be anything but—although we

haven't had the good fortune to see the whole group in Seattle since

2005, the products of its splintered members are continuous reminders

that the success of the band weighs equally on about 15 peoples'

talented shoulders. On his fifth solo work, Here's to Being Here,

Jason Collett offers up a much different vibe than that of the last

BSS man who released a solo record (that'd be Kevin Drew with last

year's Spirit If . . . ). Created largely with Collett's former

touring band Paso Mino, Being Here meanders along in a pleasing, if

less energetic than you might expect, Dylanesque way. He's more than

an important piece of the Toronto puzzle; he's a fine songwriter and

showman in his own right. With Burning Rivers and Great American. RACHEL SHIMP

Fri., March 21, 10 p.m., 2008

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