Android Hero

Friday, March 28

Android Hero are essentially an instant joy for anyone who prefers

their punk rock dryly antagonistic, Melvins-caliber heavy, and forged

with watertight composition skills. Guitarist/raw-throated vocalist

Jeff McNulty has recorded approximately 9 zillion Seattle bands via

his sound engineering role at Redmond's Old Fire House and the Vera

Project, and is probably best known as a founding member of Bloodhag.

Bassist Eric Carnell was in legendary speedcore band Zyklon B and

earned his share of indie credentials playing with Treepeople and the

Audio Infidels. Drummer Matt McGillivray (formerly of Flux Capacitors)

is one of the best percussionists to bruise my eardrums in quite some

time, and perhaps the biggest reason I can't wait to hear their

forthcoming split 7-inch with their like-minded peers Steel Tigers of

Death. With Birds of Avalon, Nudity, and Stone Axe. HANNAH LEVIN

Fri., March 28, 9 p.m., 2008

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