Comeback's 4 Year Anniversary Bash with Tronik Youth

Friday, March 28

What's the craziest thing that's happened during one of Seattle's

filthiest, sweatiest, most innovative queer dance nights since its

inception at Chop Suey four (already??!) years ago? "Probably the guy

in the chicken-head mask that got his briefs ripped off while go-go

dancing and then stage-dived into a writhing mass of wasted queers too

drunk to catch him—ouch," recalls co-founder Marcus Wilson, aka Ursula

Android. Initially born from what Wilson and Co. felt was "a lack of

dance nights/parties for fags that didn't subscribe to the popular gay

regime—mindless, boring house music, high-energy K-hole

nightmares"—and "wanting to dance with other gays to music we actually

liked, not just the circuit-party crap the gay bars feel compelled to

play, even though nobody seems to actually like any of it," the night,

known also for its racy, vintage porn-bedecked posters, has drawn a

crowd that's a bit more varied than originally anticipated (less

queerpunk/dirt fag, more art fags/hip kids/rad straight allies and

freaks). Tonight, expect it to be a big one. Look out for: Custom

Comeback T-shirts and briefs, nearly naked go-go boys, a

corn-dog-bobbing buffet, and special guest, jolly olde England's

Tronik Youth. With Miss Toats & Joee Irwin, and DJs Colby B, FITS, and


Fri., March 28, 9 p.m., 2008

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