The Bob Mould Band

Saturday, March 29

Reports of the death of Bob Mould-as-rocker have been greatly

exaggerated. Still, things were looking a bit dire some years ago,

when it seemed like the 47-year-old singer-guitarist was walking away

from his iconic, influential six-stringery to craft, well, sometimes

quite dodgy dance and electronic music. But on 2005's excellent Body

of Song, Mould's guitars roared back to life, particularly during the

tour in support of it. His Neumo's gig that fall was easily one of the

loudest shows I've attended in the past decade, the volume generated

by a crack new backing band anchored by former Fugazi drummer Brendan

Canty. Mould's new District Line is even crunchier in spots, and as

par for his course, delivers hope and heartbreak in equal measures.

And not that Mould has ever really been shy about breaking out some

Hüsker Dü and Sugar songs during his solo career, but he's recently

shown a willingness to dig even deeper into both of those bands'

catalogs, so you may be in for some rare treats this evening. Don't

forget the earplugs! With Saturna. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG

Listen to a sample of The Bob Mould Band's "Stupid Now."

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Sat., March 29, 8 p.m., 2008

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