Yay, Alexander Peabody; Boo, Overhopped Microbrews

Re: "Port Puppet" by Aimee Curl (March 19)Hooray for the great work of Aimee Curl and her exceptional exposé on the damage that Pat Davis has done to our community. I recall watching Davis act as if nothing was wrong as a massive wave of brave demonstrators in Seattle stalled the WTO meetings and forced our delegation activities into total chaos. Not taking responsibility is her middle name.—Mark UfkesUnfair and poorly executed, Aimee. Where do I begin? How about with local gadfly Art Skolnik, who always seems to have a pet project that he wants the Port to finance—mostly things that have nothing to do with Port business.—Patricia StamborRe: "The Last Woman in Alaska" by Brian Miller (March 19)This is a great opportunity for the mayor to use his authority to intervene, since he is a champion of social justice for people of all races, per his Race and Social Justice Initiative. I'm sure that once he and his staff understand what they have done, they will make it right for this entrepreneurial immigrant woman who has contributed so much to the city's workforce. The mayor's office has integrity, and stands behind their verbiage, right?—Janet StaubRe: "Tapped Out" by Laura Onstot (March 19)If this gets local brewers to stop over-hopping beers, I'm not sad at all.—ZzzzzI also tend to agree. Microbrewers' IPAs are way too over-hopped. The original IPAs had to be highly hopped in order to make the voyage from the U.K. to India. It was a form of preservative. They mellowed throughout the voyage. Even local pales tend to be too bitter. Less hops, save money, better ales.—Brown AleMicrobrews in Seattle are part of our culture—they fit the seasons of this city and we need to support these guys. These breweries do a great service to our palates! Pac Rim really tried to create new tastes, and some of them were amazing—their IPA was not their only beer. Remember to support your local businesses, or else guys like Zzzzz will have us all shopping at Target and Wal-Mart for our beer.—loadedkerouacRe: "The Curse of Capt. Peabody" by Brian Miller (March 5)My great uncle Alexander Peabody was a wonderful man, and I have always been very proud of my mother's family history in the Northwest. It is quite a legacy to be a part of, and although in business, people can certainly present an aggressive persona, Uncle Alexander was a wise, formidable man whose vision for this city has only added to the beauty of Seattle.—Elizabeth Smith O'NeilWrite to us at letters@seattleweekly.com or comment online!

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