Sticking Up for the Worst Team in Town

Sonic Avengers PAC isn’t ready to say die.

Think what you will of this Sonics team (it's awful), but you can't say it lacks passionate fans. Consider Myer Hutchinson, an Alaska native who grew up watching the Supes and is determined to keep the team in Seattle. So determined, in fact, that he has created a political action committee for just that purpose.Sonic Avengers PAC and its Web site,, officially came into existence last week. Hutchinson says he already has $1,000 in donations "just from word of mouth," adding, "I think this issue could legitimately raise $100,000 in six months—easily."The group's aim is to get the Legislature to hold a special session to pass a bill allowing King County to vote on continuing a tax to fund the public portion of the recent arena proposal (a little complicated, yes, but that's what's required). Should such a session not occur, the group would use issue ads to support the election opponents of those they believe prevented it. "My goal is not to oust people from office," says Hutchinson, who names Frank Chopp, Christine Gregoire, and Nick Licata among those he views as obstructionists. (Licata, generally an opponent of publicly financed sports stadiums, has said that the current proposal, which involves $150 million in private contributions, might be a good deal for the city.) "We just want to have a special session to get this bill passed."Hutchinson takes great pains to clarify that Sonic Avengers is nonpartisan and not affiliated with any candidate—particularly Dino Rossi, with whom Hutchinson, who's worked for various politicians on both sides of the aisle, says some have erroneously associated him.Hutchinson believes that Sonic Avengers can complement the work of grassroots activists like Save Our Sonics, with whom he hopes to collaborate. But "those people are walking around with fists in a gunfight," he explains. "This," he says, referring to Sonic Avengers, "is a gun."

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