European Travel Festival

Before that Roman holiday you’re planning, consult with travel guru Rick Steves at the European Travel Festival. Steves—who has averaged 100 days a year in Europe for the past quarter-century—and his meandering cohorts will detail basic travel skills in seminars all around downtown Edmonds, with special concentration on British and Continental travels. Learn how to pack light, stick to a budget and navigate the Eurail system. And if you want to spend what you’ll be saving this summer, you can shop for nifty gear, gadgets and guidebooks at the Travel Center. In his keynote lecture, “Travel as a Political Act,” the hemp-lovin’ Steves will discuss how the rest of the world views the American. (Let’s take a guess—not favorably?) IRFAN SHARIFF

Sat., April 5, 9 a.m., 2008

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