Gary Hill and Margo Quan Knight

To inaugurate its new, twice-as-nice space, James Harris Gallery features two Seattle artists. Gary Hill’s four video shorts are sometimes playful, sometimes enigmatic pieces in which one computer-generated object—a penny, a silver spoon, a goat or a sheep—collides or passes through another. These floating, careening, spinning projectiles make one wonder at the slant logic taking place. In her comparatively fixed images, Margot Quan Knight explores issues of identity and perception. Untitled Mirror Portrait allows the viewer to superimpose his or her own face atop the artist’s two self portraits. Stand in just the right spot before this diptych, however, and you’ll see yourself in both of Knight’s panels. This debut show in the new space—nearly double the size of the old—offers a promising look at where this ambitious gallery is headed. ADRIANA GRANT

Wednesdays-Saturdays. Starts: April 3. Continues through May 3, 2008

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