Elatia Pearl

Elatia Pearl pounced on the dated pile of National Geographic magazines lying neglected on the free table at Goodwill. There she

uncovered an issue devoted entirely to her current creature of fixation: the shark. (Previously, she was fond of the zebra.) Sweet and Sour features the gaping death trap of a Great White devouring raspberry soufflé? That’s just one of several quirky creations in Pearl’s appropriately titled debut show “Stuff” (through May 2). Inspired by artists like Tom Friedman, Pearl incorporates cheeky humor into various media, including collages, comic drawings, and hand-knit sweaters. If only the old crap in our apartments looked more like Pearl’s creations. Faire Gallery Café, 1351 E. Olive Way, 652-0781, www.fairegallerycafe.com. Free. 7 a.m.–midnight. ERIKA HOBART

April 15-May 1, 7 a.m., 2008

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