Judy Gold

Women are funny. Very funny—to put a sock in Christopher Hitchens’ recent contrarian bit in Vanity Fair. And Jewish women hold a special table at the Friars’ cigar bar. They can thank genetics, and a large phone bill, for their material. Judy Gold, Emmy-winning writer and stand-up comic, has had great success with her off-Broadway show, 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother, based on interviews with more than 50 mamens of various backgrounds. From that anecdotal evidence, Gold might here riff on the famous Four Questions: Where are you? Are you alright? Have you eaten? When are you going to settle down? The plight of a mother is universal, though, and we all should probably take a moment to call our own (back). Gold, who elbowed in on the boys’ club to lascivious effect in The Aristocrats, will celebrate three generations of Jewish comediennes in the documentary Making Trouble, presented by the Seattle Jewish Film Festival following her act. Cinerama, 2100 Fourth Ave., 622-6315, www.seattlejewishfilmfestival.org. $25. 4 p.m. KATE SILVER

Sun., April 13, 4 p.m., 2008

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