Yellow Swans

Friday, April 11

Oh drone lovers, oh followers of the galactic noise that is Portland duo Yellow Swans, take heed: the band has confirmed the sad rumors that have been circulating in the blogiverse. This upcoming show will be the Swans' final performance in Seattle before the duo officially breaks up in June. After seven years of existence, Pete Swanson and Gabriel Mindel Saloman will cease to create their improvisational amalgamations of psychedelic white noise and jarring industrial weirdness as the Yellow Swans. If you've never flown with the Swans before, but own or have listened to Xiu Xiu's Fabulous Muscles, you've actually heard their work in "Support Our Troops, Oh!"-- they are responsible for the cacophonous insanity found therein. Their unusual electronic collages require intense concentration to decipher, but guitar, distorted vocals and a drum machine add a thread of normalcy, should a lost listener begin to drown in the hum. I beseech you, Seattle, go and witness the Yellow Swans' postmodern genius one last time before they part ways for good. With Iron Lung, Sissy Spacek, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. The Vera Project, Seattle Center, Warren Ave. N. and Republican. 7:30 p.m. $8. All ages. SARA BRICKNER

Fri., April 11, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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