Tony Robbins On a Budget

Can't afford his $1K seminar? He has a lovely CD. . .

Tony Robbins wants me to quadruple my income, meet the man of my dreams, and lose that extra 10 pounds. The gravelly voice of personal power held a four-day seminar—telecast in high-def, as the man himself wasn't actually in the house—to help Emerald City dwellers Unleash the Power Within.But with a hefty $1,000-plus price tag, the whole thing seemed a little cost-prohibitive. Besides, the Web site says it's about gaining your edge—and I'm already pretty much teetering on the brink as is. I need less motivation to act, and more to chillax and find my center. So how can I harness Robbins' inspiration, focus, break barriers, and still have enough left over to pay rent? The answer is Sacred Blessings, a collection of vaguely religious music loosely inspired by a handful of world religions, retailing for only $16.98 on Amazon.Moment of truth: I'm feeling cynical, and Robbins' introduction about how much he and his wife, Sage, love the music is almost worthy of a guffaw. Some of the track names, especially "You Can Relax Now," have me concerned that after finishing the CD I'll do things like bark every time someone says "Wheaties," or turn into an assassin next time I eat a mango. Yes, I laughed at the heavy use of synth and echo mikes. And I'm pretty sure you'll never see a male soloist, backed by a mixed-gender choir, faces turned skyward, offering up a prayer to Allah.But by the end, I had settled back in my chair, loosening up my normal anxiety-rigid posture, and was smiling. Damn you, Robbins, and your subversive tactics; I think I have become a little more centered. Though you might want to skip the last track when Sage sings—she just isn't as power-unleashing as her dynamic hubby.

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