Happily Ever After? II

Turns out Rapunzel was letting her hair down for more guys than the prince. The brothers Grimm initially crafted a tale in which Rapunzel laments that her ill-fitting clothes gave evidence of her infidelity. Parents balked at the premise, so the promiscuous princess morphed into (yawn) a damsel in distress. Fairytales reflect the social norms and values we want instilled in our children, but shouldn’t someone other than Disney get a crack at them? Happily Ever After? II (through May 2) is the second installation curated by Monica Choy to feature various artists’ reinterpretations of fairytales. See the Big Bad Wolf in Mari Inukai’s Akazukin-chan II enjoy some fine dining, and you’ll realize that “happily ever after” is rather subjective anyway. Suite 100 Gallery, 2222 Second Ave., 956-3900, www.suite100gallery.com. Free. Noon to 6 p.m. ERIKA HOBART

April 16-May 2, noon, 2008

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