Oscar Tuazon & Eli Hansen

A pair of two-man (two-brother, to be precise) exhibits explore temporary shelters, found objects, and utopian architecture. One: An installation at Seattle Art Museum, where Oscar Tuazon previously won the 2007 Betty Bowen award. Curated by Michael Darling, this show is the first in a promising new series, “Next,” with a focus on underappreciated Northwest artists. Two: More object-oriented work is on view at Howard House (opening Thurs. April 17), as well as site-specific installation pieces, including a structure constructed out of six-sided glass bottles. Today, you could hit both. Visit Howard House at noon Saturday to hear the artists discuss their collaborative work. And then head to SAM to catch a peek at their parallel installation. Howard House, 604 Second Ave., 256-6399, www.howardhouse.net. Free. Artists Talk: Saturday, April 19, noon. Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave., 654-3100, www.seattleartmuseum.org. ADRIANA GRANT

Thu., April 17, noon; Sat., April 19, noon, 2008

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