Rilo Kiley

Sunday, April 20

Wow, you’d think Rilo Kiley would be toast by now. Singer/guitarist Blake Sennett is dating Winona Ryder—a walking jinx for practically every musician she’s ever dated (and that list is looooong). And who would’ve guessed singer/multi-instrumentalist Jenny Lewis—possessor of a burgeoning solo career and the ability to make indie-rock dudes (and crusty old rock critics) drool uncontrollably on her own—would stick around this long? But the band is still together, is still touring behind last year’s Under the Blacklight, and is still, one would imagine, a stellar live act, at least based on Rilo’s impassioned Showbox gig last September. I’m not a huge fan of the nü-wavish Blacklight, especially compared to the band’s earlier, country-dusted indie-pop material, but the new songs sounded terrific that night and blended in quite well with the old; the band was completely into the performance; and the way-sold-out crowd was absolutely electric. I’d expect similar fireworks tonight. With Whispertown 2000 and Michael Runion. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG

Sun., April 20, 8 p.m., 2008

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