The Handsome Furs

Saturday, April 19

“I’d like to thank [Sub Pop founder] Jon Poneman for this lovely physique- all that foi gras is making me fat!” joked shirtless Handsome Furs frontman Dan Boeckner from the stage at Austin’s Bourbon Rocks during their appearance at the Sub Pop SXSW showcase. He’s still quite lean and lithe—despite the fact that Wolf Parade, his primary project has enjoyed much success since their first release on the label. Ever busy with WP tours and recording, in between he managed to find time to get hitched and start a side-project, Handsome Furs, with his platinum blonde betrothed Alexei Perry. Though their debut full-length Plague Park is a glitchy mostly down tempo effort that rises and falls like a gentle, but cooperative sea, live the duo fill the stage with a buzzing, electric energy. Perry slams her body over the black sample box, jerking back and forth to the beat like an oil rig pounding into the earth. Sleepy-eyed Boeckner commands attention thrashing about with the guitar, his unmistakable vocals moving seamlessly from staccato wails to a subdued, congested baritone. It’s a satiating experience to be sure, and with a new Wolf Parade record on the brink of dropping, it’s likely to be awhile before you can catch these two again. With the Teenagers and guests. Neumo’s, 925 E. Pike St., 709-9467. All ages. $12 adv. AJA PECKNOLD

Sat., April 19, 2008

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