Zombie Strippers: Jenna Jameson Doesn’t Bare Her Flesh, But Eats Yours

During George W. Bush's fourth term as president, the administration's desire for crises and predisposition toward fuckups leads to the creation of a zombie virus that the government hopes will help replenish troops for its various overseas conflicts. Infected women become super-strong and maintain their intelligence, but the men remain your typical, shambling, mindless undead. So when the virus leaks into a strip club, the place becomes the most popular illegal joint in town. All too often in horror/cult movies, a catchy title masks a low budget and an even lower level of talent, but director Jay Lee delivers everything you could possibly hope for in a film called Zombie Strippers (which surpasses Nudist Colony of the Dead as the best naked zombie movie ever). He even manages some George Romero–style social commentary, with zombiedom as a metaphor for plastic surgery—that star Jenna Jameson's plasticized, pre-zombie face is actually scarier than the final monstrous version only proves the point.

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