Tim & Eric Awesome Tour

Friday, May 2

If you're all nutty about Halloween, you'll find vast inspiration in

Cartoon Network's Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! There you can

find "best costume" ideas obscurely hip enough to let you roll your

eyes at anyone who doesn't get it. (The peeps who do get it will still

be talking about you the next day.) The key is to do as Tim and Eric

unflinchingly do¬ódrop your vanity and let yourselves look heinously

ugly. Really, really ugly. Spraying-yourself-completely-orange ugly.

Wearing-the-most-unflattering-shorts-known-to-man ugly. In drag, you

should be shooting, at best, for a

tranny-hooker-in-Reno-after-a-three-day-meth-binge look. How the guys

will pull off these visual elements live I'm not sure, but if you

enjoy semi-potty sketch humor and/or weed, you're guaranteed a laugh.

Neumo's, 925 E. Pike St., 709-9467. 8 & 11 p.m. $15 adv. MA'CHELL DUMA


Fri., May 2, 8 & 11 p.m., 2008

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