Broken Disco 2.2 Gone Fishin' with Mochipet, Lusine, Codebase, Recess, Dr. Mr. M'Chateau, the Googly, Jake J., visuals by KIlling Frenzy

As Mochipet, Daly City, Cali's David Y. Wang is a man who wears a

purple dinosaur costume on stage, and cranks out his experimental

dance music with undeniable passion. Having worked with artists like

Spank Rock and Ellen Allien, he's now releasing an album of highly

uncategorizable-but-let's-call-it-hip-hop on his own label. And

tonight he's joining local artist Lusine, crafter of gorgeous ambient

glitch, for Broken Disco's farewell-til-fall soiree. Starting as a

collaboration between four ambitious promoters last April, the

consistently banging party has never been afraid of odd lineups,

opening minds in the process of loosening limbs. Take it from a

temporary Central European resident who's tired of hearing Haddaway

passed off as techno in the clubs: not every major city has such an

exacting finger on dance music's pulse. Seattle's scene is one to be

treasured. Whoop it up, and support BD-associated productions until

their summer siesta is over. With Mochipet, Lusine, Codebase, Recess,

Dr. Mr. M'Chateau, the Googly Jake J. visuals by Killing Frenzy. Chop

Suey, 1325 E. Madison St., 324-8000. 9 p.m. $10 adv./$12. 9 p.m. $10

adv./$12. RACHEL SHIMP

Fri., May 9, 9 p.m., 2008

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