Thee Emergency

Saturday, May 17

With Dita Vox at the helm, Seattle garage-rock band Thee Emergency

specializes in metal-punk hybrid songs that simply can't be contained.

For the true Thee Emergency experience, you must see the band live,

because no album can capture Thee Emergency's boundless energy. To

truly benefit from Dita Vox's sultry, raw vocals, to rightfully

appreciate Nick Detroit's smooth bass lines and Tom T. Drummer and

guitarist Matt "Sonic" Smith's power riffs, you must do so in

person—and you'll have several chances in the next few weeks. Plus,

Thee Emergency's upcoming King Cobra show will celebrate the official

release of Sonic, the band's first full-length record to date. And

even if your home stereo only manages to capture a quarter of Thee

Emergency's righteousness, tracks like "Heartbreaker" and "It's All in

the Reflexes" pack a punch nonetheless. With the Valley and the Hands.

King Cobra, 916 E. Pike St., 8 p.m. SARA BRICKNER

Sat., May 17, 8 p.m., 2008

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