Fleet Foxes. Beach House. Ladytron. Thrown in with the names of 2008’s popular bands, the Liverpool-born foursome sounds like a relic from the stylistic future. Their monochromatic outfits, deadpan singing style, and zipped-up exteriors are in stark contrast to the hippie-folk that’s dominating indie rock today, one smile at a time. And Ladytron’s longevity has surprised those who turned on to their coolly calculated electronic music way back in 2001. Since that year’s debut album, 604, a horde of fair-weather fans and a cadre of diehards have kept their eye not hidden by angular bangs on the multicultured band, made up of vocalists Mira Aroyo, Helen Marnie, Daniel Hunt, and Reuben Wu. Having long since transcended “electroclash,” their synthpop stays fresh by association (through recent work with Nine Inch Nails and Justice) and through brute intelligence. A band that keeps hidden the detail that one of its members has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics must have some other surprises up its sleeve as well. Showbox at the Market, 1426 First Ave. $20. 8 p.m. RACHEL SHIMP

Sat., May 24, 8 p.m., 2008

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