Mariners versus Boston Red Sox

Today being Memorial Day, when you visit Safeco Field for the Mariners versus Boston Red Sox series (through Wed., May 28), pretend you’re sitting in a concrete dome with half the number of fans. Imagine that Todd Cruz is bobbling a ball at short, and that two guys named Henderson—neither of them with the first name Rickey—are manning the outfield. Envision Reggie Jackson hurling a bucket at Gaylord Perry, preceded by the discovery of sandpaper glued to the nub of the legendary spitballer’s mitt. Close your eyes, and allow into your head the memories of Jim Presley striking out, Jack Perconte booting a grounder, Bobby Ayala blowing a save, Bob Kearney hitting .200, and Spike Owen grounding out to the pitcher. Yes, the Mariners, bloated payroll and lofty pre-season expectations be damned, are pretty horrible this year. But back before the house that Edgar built was erected, they were far, far worse. Safeco Field, 1250 First Ave. S., 622-4487, $7–$73. 7:10 p.m. MIKE SEELY

Mon., May 26, 7:10 p.m., 2008

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